Painted Orks, Trukk and Terrain!

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As of right now I have a total of 20 painted orks, including a nob and 2 lootas which I am counting as orks with rocket launchers. Eleven of these were painted using my newer technique (mostly highlighting) while nine of them were painted with the older technique (washing and drybrushing) but then touched up later with some highlights and stuff:

I am really happy with how the lootas came out, though I’m considering adding some chips and scratches to the black areas of their guns. Here are some details:

On one of the boys I did an experiment to see how small I could paint a checkerboard pattern. Here is the result:

Now on to the trukk, which I am very happy with:

Here is a wall I scratch-built over cawshis’ place a long, long time ago. I forgot to put an ork in the picture for scale. It’s pretty big! A foot across and three inches tall at it’s highest point:

I recently bought the resin ork barricades set from Games Workshop. I’ve only painted one so far. Here it is with some orks getting a cover save behind it:


New Painted Boyz and an Orky Russ!

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Until recently I was using a lot of washing and drybrushing on my boyz, and they were coming out ok. But I was never totally happy with the way they looked. So I started experimenting with highlighting and also some new colors for the skin, clothes, etc. and I’m excited by the results!

(you can click the image below for a larger view)

The only thing I’m drybrushing and/or washing is the metal and the sand. Oh and I drybrushed that one guy’s hair. The skin I based in a dark green and then highlighted up with two colors. I’m slowly learning how to thin down my highlights so they’re not blotchy, though honestly I don’t mind blotchy highlights that much since you don’t notice them unless you look closely, and even then they’re not that terrible.

Here’s an exciting close up shot! Waaagh!!!

I also recently finished converting an Imperial Guard Leman Russ tank to be used as an Ork Battlewagon or Looted Wagon. Here are some pics:

The turret was built from scratch out of plasticard and foam core. The ridiculously large gun barrel is the top from a bottle of Zap-A-Gap glue.

Three Combat Patrols, Three Victories!

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A couple of weeks ago I met up with three friends of mine to play some combat patrols. Each of their patrols met mine on the field of battle, and each time the orks were victorious!!

The combat patrol I was using was pretty simple. Just 30 boyz, three kans and plenty or rokkit launchas. I fielded each kan as a separate unit so that any enemy unit attacking them could only target one at a time.

30 Boyz
+ 3 Rokkit Launchas
+ 1 nob w/ power klaw and bosspole

3 Killer Kans
+ 3 Rokkit Launchas

Here’s a slideshow of photos from the games, diligently photographed, uploaded and commented by my friend, cawshis. This slideshow includes photos from the three battles I was involved in and also the three battles I was not involved in (we were running two games at a time).

Since it was two weeks ago, I don’t remember all the details, but here is a brief summary of what I do remember:

Game 1: Orks vs Tau

The Tau had two stealth squads and one skimmer loaded with troops. Also the skimmer had smart missiles, ie. it didn’t need line of site to shoot up my boyz. In the first round I got a few of my boyz to the top of the hill and blasted one of the stealth squads with rokkits. They failed their morale check and ran! Things got worse though, when the skimmer cleverly wedged itself between two pieces of terrain and deposited it’s troops. Nonetheless, my boyz made the long march around the skimmer and over the difficult terrain and assaulted the troops, slaying them utterly. The skimmer ran away only to be assaulted by my kans while the boyz finished off the remaining stealth squad. Waaagh!

Game 2: Orks vs Space Marines

My buddy falgrim is working on a custom Space Marine Chapter named “Sigmar’s Pride”. The combat patrol he brought with him was geared for assaulting: one unit with jump packs, the other with a rhino, both (if I remember correctly) with furious charge. It performed very well that day, but not against my Orks. On the very first round I popped his Rhino with a rokkit fired from one of my kans. His jump troops actually got the charge on my boyz, but were still no match. Meanwhile one of my kans tore up his other unit. Another victory for da greenskins. Waaagh!

Game 3: Orks vs Dark Angels

I’m afraid I don’t remember much about this game, because I’d been playing for three hours at this point and things start to blur together after a while. I do remember popping yet another Rhino in the first round (lots of lucky rokkit shots that day) and I remember that the Dark Angels advanced forward, putting themselves in range of my charge. I think a wise strategy against orks is to take cover and shoot them up as much as possible as they march forward. I also remember that I was accidentally cheating. I had forgotten that, in the new codex, kans are WS 2 rather than WS 4. So the Dark Angels that surrounded the kans with Krak Grenades should have been hitting the kans with 3+ rather than 4+. I think I would have been victorious regardless because I had plenty of boyz left over at the end, but I think this calls for a rematch. Waaagh!

Nob Painted

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After a long hiatus from WH40K and orks, I have once again immersed myself in it (eventually I hope to find a middle ground between hiatus and immersion, but that’s another topic completely). I recently painted my Ork Nob. For those who don’t know, a Nob is an ork who is bigger and more important than a regular ork, but not as big and important as a warboss.

This is only the 9th ork I’ve ever painted, and it was a significant paint job because this is the first time I ever tried painting:
– Checker patterns
– Chipped/battle-damaged paint (most notably on his power klaw and boss pole)
– Highlighting on the skin rather than drybrushing
It’s not perfect but I’m really happy with the way it came out!

Here is a picture of the Nob:

Here he is a little closer up:

Here he is from the side so you can see his beat up power klaw:

Here he is leading da boyz into battle:

Orks vs Chaos 1000pts (with new Ork codex!)

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There is a leaked version of the soon-to-be-released ork codex circulating on the internet and I decided to put it to the test. Viper and I got together and played a 1000pt Ork vs Chaos battle on my 6×4 table with some improvised terrain. The mission was Seek and Destroy with no victory points (the player with the most scoring units on the table at the end wins). It was very exciting and fun!

Ork forces:

15 lootas
24 boyz
12 boyz in a trukk
3 killer kans
Battle wagon

Chaos forces:

Chaos Lord
2 obliterators
10 plague marines
10 devastators
10 chaos marines in a rhino

The game quickly split into two fronts:

On the eastern front I advanced my trukk and my lootas, and viper advanced his rhino and plague marines.
On the western front was my wagon (with the warboss inside), my boyz and my kans, and viper moved in his obliterators and his lord.
Viper’s devastators hung back in the deployment zone.

The first two or three rounds went something like this:

On the eastern front

All hell brook loose right away. The marines inside the rhino hit my trukk hard and most of the boyz inside were killed and the rest were pinned. The explosion even took out a few of my nearby lootas! But then the handful of lootas who had LoS past the wreck returned fire and popped the rhino so a bunch of chaos marines were pinned!

Then my remaining trukk boyz and Viper’s plague marines got into a big scuffle and the only ones left standing were the plague marines. Meanwhile the marines who were in the rhino crossed over to the western front…

On the western front

There wasn’t too much action at first. I wounded an obliterator and viper kept stunning my kans. Some boyz were shot down from long range by the devestators.

Then things heated up. Viper managed to pop my precious wagon (my warboss made it out alive thanks to his mega armour). My kans and boyz charged his obliterators and massacred them. His lord engaged my kans but was no match for them. His rhino survivors engaged my boyz and finished them off.

Who will win?!?

So at this point we both had two scoring units on the board. Viper had his devastators and plague marines. I had my kans and lootas. Viper also had some non-scoring marines left and I had my non-scoring warboss. It was still anybody’s game!

But not for long. The plague marines got the charge on my lootas and took them out. The kans make a run for the devastators but get gunned down. A few quick rounds later Viper finished off my warboss and it was all over.

Post-game thoughts

The orks definitely felt empowered with the new codex. I didn’t win but I feel like I could have with some better tactics and better rolling. On the other hand, the fact that I lost seems to indicate that the new codex isn’t overpowered, which is good.

Summer Double Header

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Battle reports! Better late than never.

Chaos and Dark Angels vs. Orks and Tyranids

We played a crazy 2v2 match on cawshis’ awesome 4×4 city table. Each player contributed 500 points of units, so it was basically a 1000pt game. Emukt and I suggested we skip the random mission selection and just see who could kill the most stuff in six rounds. This proved to be a mistake, which I’ll explain later.

Viper’s chaos army hunkers down in some ruins:

My orks are ready to rumble:

Emukt’s ‘nids look hungry:

Cawshis’ traitorous Dark Angels prepare for battle:

The first round was not good for the xenos team. Chaos and the angels settled into cover, ready to open fire when enemies got in range. The chaos defiler was already in range and emukt’s starting position left him right in the line of fire, so the defiler WIPED OUT an entire unit of ‘nids. It was ugly. Nonetheless, we knew we had to march on the enemy, so march we did:

But the defiler was ready for us and started picking us off as we moved forward. Ork rockets were fired at it, but orks can’t aim to save their lives (and they were, in this case, trying to save their lives, and they failed). Here’s an ork’s eye view down the firing lane:

Ork and tyranid casualties piled up. My shoota boyz took so much fire that they had to make a morale check, which they failed, which means they got to make their mob rule test (basically a second morale check using the number of ork boyz in the mob as the leadership score) and failed that too. So I fell back. Fortunately my slugga boyz were right behind, so I got to check to see if they mobbed up (another ork special rule that allows falling back orks to join other units), but they failed that too!!! Thank god I had a nob with a boss pole in the slugga unit, which allows re-rolling of mobbing up checks. Finally I made a roll, and my 2 units united into one big mob.

The ultra-fast tyranids got out in front, but unfortunately, this meant they were now in firing range of the defiler, the chaos marines and the dark angels:

The second unit of nids went down. Emukt was now down to his three HQ bugs. My warboss headed for the defiler but was gunned down. My mob engaged the chaos marines. Finally, close combat:

On the other side of the board, emukt’s super-tough HQ bugs took on some dark angels:

Things were looking up for the xenos! I finished off the chaos marines and surrounded the chaos lord. The defiler approached the battle, which was pretty scary:

But Emukt polished off the marines and headed for the defiler, and took it out! Then I took out the chaos lord! Chaos was out of the fight! But then the angels engaged the last of emukt’s nids and took them out. It was down to marines and orks. On the last round, my killer kans, who had been lurking behind the mob (which is dumb, more on that later) were taken out by angel rocket launchers. The Dark Angels were almost entirely intact, while the orks consisted only of a rather diminished mob. So victory went to the marines:

I learned a few lessons in this match. First of all, different mission types are my friend. In a simple Search and Destroy mission, close combat armies are at a disadvantage because their shooty enemies can just take cover and wait. So even though a straight-up killing game might seem orky, it’s not good for the orks. I also realized I was using my kans wrong. Because they are so precious to me, I’ve been marching them behind my boyz to keep them out of danger. But I think the place for a kan is out front. It draws fire from the boyz and can start shooting and assaulting sooner. Marching kans in the back renders them useless. Finally, I re-learned my lesson that ICs (like my warboss) should be kept close to the boyz so the enemy can’t target them.

Orks vs. Tyranids

Emukt and I played a 500pt game on the same table. It was a recon game, meaning we had to get scoring units to the other side of the table. Here’s the set-up:

Here’s a shot of the ork deployment zone:

I decided to try to take out Emukt’s infiltrating HQ unit with my kans while the rest of my boyz and my warboss marched forward. Emukt marched his bugs forward accompanied by his creepy Zoanthropes. My shoota boyz opened fire on one of emukt’s units:

Meanwhile my kans marched towards the infiltrators. I figured it would be an even battle, but the kans were utterly ripped apart! That HQ unit was tougher than I thought:

My slugga boyz marched towards the center of the field. I tried to get close enough to charge, but failed. That meant that emukt would get the charge with both his regular bugs and his HQ. Very bad:

My shoota boyz charged and took out the unit of ‘nids they were facing. My warboss even took out a zoanthrope. But the shootas were too weak so they were no longer a scoring unit. Meanwhile, my sluggas in the center of the field finished off some bugs but that evil HQ unit ripped us up:

As far as winning goes, almost all our units were weakened or destroyed, so nobody could score. In retrospect, it might have been possible for emukt to seperate his HQ unit from the accompanying retinue and the retinue could have scored.

This game made me question the usefulness of my warboss’ power armour. It looks cool, but it slows him down and it’s only helped me once in five games. I might use those points for something else. I also find myself questioning the usefulness of my shoota boyz. They can’t hit anything with their guns, they’re not as effective in CC as the sluggas, and yet they cost almost the same number of points as the sluggas. Also, when they mob up with the sluggas it makes CC really complicated because I have to roll them seperately and they have different numbers of attacks. I’m thinking about replacing my shoota boyz with a big mob of gretchin.

The WAAAGH! is growing!

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I have officially bought all the models I need (and a little extra thanks to a great deal I found at I-CON) to put together my 500 pt Ork army. Now I face the very fun but very time-consuming task of finishing assembly, painting and basing. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

This is my warboss in mega armour. Pretty awesome isn’t he? I assembled him this week because I want to bring him to falgrim’s on Sunday. As you can see, he still needs to be primed, painted and based.

The core of any good ork army is boyz, boyz and more boyz. I’m a little jealous of Barry Lutz that she only needs to assemble and paint 15 chaos marines while I need to assemble and paint 31 ork boyz. Below is the progress I’ve made so far. Two are fully painted and based. Six more are assembled and I started painting them. The rest are still in boxes.

Leading my slugga boyz will be my slugga nob. He’s bigger than the boyz but not as big as the warboss. He’s assembled and primed but needs paint and basing.

I love Killer Kans! To me, they are the epitome of the ork aesthetic. They are tough and badass, but at the same time kind of adorable. My 500 pt army includes two which I assembled this week to bring on Sunday. I should have put an ork in the photo for scale. Kans are about twice as tall as ork boyz. Again, these need to be primed, painted and based.

I bought two of the exact same killer kan models, but I didn’t want them to look the same, so I got creative. On one of them I used toothpicks to represent spikes. And Barry donated a chaos marine head to put on one of the spikes. I also need to give credit to herzwesten, whose brilliant idea it was to heat up a nail and use that to make the hole in the plastic head.

At I-CON last month I picked up a kannon at a 50% discount. My current 500 pt army list doesn’t include this kannon, but I could easily swap out one of the 45 pt kans for the 30 pt kannon and then have 15 points left over to play with. The kannon also still needs to be primed, painted and based. Aren’t the little grots cute?