Painted Orks, Trukk and Terrain!

(click any image to zoom in)

As of right now I have a total of 20 painted orks, including a nob and 2 lootas which I am counting as orks with rocket launchers. Eleven of these were painted using my newer technique (mostly highlighting) while nine of them were painted with the older technique (washing and drybrushing) but then touched up later with some highlights and stuff:

I am really happy with how the lootas came out, though I’m considering adding some chips and scratches to the black areas of their guns. Here are some details:

On one of the boys I did an experiment to see how small I could paint a checkerboard pattern. Here is the result:

Now on to the trukk, which I am very happy with:

Here is a wall I scratch-built over cawshis’ place a long, long time ago. I forgot to put an ork in the picture for scale. It’s pretty big! A foot across and three inches tall at it’s highest point:

I recently bought the resin ork barricades set from Games Workshop. I’ve only painted one so far. Here it is with some orks getting a cover save behind it:


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